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#30DaysWild – Day 29 What a Week! Photographic Highlights of ‘Ultimate Shetland & b

I have had a chance today, to look through some of the images that I took last week. Leading the tour with Hugh, I did not take as many photographs as I would have if I had been there with my photography mates, but I still managed to squeeze some in! Sadly, due to a hard drive failure, I have lost the images from Noss gannet feeding frenzy and my Sumburgh Head puffins, along with trail cam footage. I only have the screen captures I took before I had transferred the images. Of course, I am gutted to have lost these images. As a photographer, we have all had disasters with images, hard drives and cards and it never gets any easier. I still have a slight hope of managing to recover some images from an SD cards… I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed.  This trip, however was not about photography for me… it was about being a guide on a tour and making the Shetland experience the very best it could be for our clients! Any photographs would be a bonus. A trip like this is all about the experience and all the memories it builds… and we all went home with lots of those!

I have uploaded some of my favourite wildlife trips onto a JAlbum, which you can view HERE or by clicking the image below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 19.45.03

I have also uploaded the ‘People & Places’ images I took on my phone throughout the tour, which you can view HERE

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 19.44.45

If you followed my blog last week, you will have got a flavour of the fun we had as a group! I am delighted to announce that I have been invited back for 2017! Hugh and I will be running the ‘Ultimate Shetland’ Tour next year from June 17-24th  and details can be found on the Shetland Wildlife website HERE

If you are still in doubt, check out the reviews on the Shetland Wildlife Trip Advisor page….. go on… treat yourself…. only a year away… and I just can’t wait!


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