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#30DaysWild – Day 25 Ultimate Shetland: Shetland Bumble Bee

I have been keeping an eye out, whilst in Shetland, for the Shetland Bumble Bee. I was hoping to capture some good photos, but the winds and lack of sightings made this quite difficult! The ‘Shetland Bumblebee’ Bombus muscorum agricolae is a dark-bellied subspecies or possibly a colour variant of the Moss Carder Bee and is one of 4 species of bumble bee found here. The other species are Northern white-tailed, Small heath, and Garden bumble bee.

Our group found one dead bee which we think is the Shetland Bumble bee…


… and I managed a very quick iPhone photo in Paula’s garden!


I finished my last night in Shetland watching 4 otters feeding off the coast as I pulled the curtains closed on my last night on lovely Shetland…


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