#30DaysWild – Day 24 Ultimate Shetland: Dramatic Eshaness & farewells

The final day of our Ultimate Shetland tour dawned and we jumped in the minibuses to head up to the dramatic cliffs of Eshaness. This part of Shetland boasts one of the highest energy coastlines in the world. Blasted by the full force of the North Atlantic it displays a stunning array of stacks, blowholes and geos; the narrow inlets that frequent this coastline.

We stopped on the way up north to visit a special site where the rare Oysterplant flowers (Mertensia marítima). This fleshy-leaved perennial gets its name from its smooth grey, fleshy leaves which when eaten taste strongly of oysters. It grows in just a few sites in Shetland and we were all delighted to see it looking so healthy along this shingle coastline…

Not only was the oysterplant doing well, this whole stretch of coastline looked gorgeous, with its medley of species; beautiful combinations of sea campion, thrift, ragged robin, orchids and buttercups..

Red-throated divers were seen on the nearby lochs, as we made our way along the paths that gave superb views….

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