#30DaysWild – Day 23 Ultimate Shetland: Flower Meadows & Mousa Petrels

What an incredible morning! Shetland really specialises in huge skies and this morning was a wonderfully still morning with clear blue skies… the view from the Ultasound Hotel on Unst was pretty special!


It was our last day on the island, as we would be heading back across on the ferry to Yell and then onto the mainland. As it was such a still, gorgeous morning, we stopped again at some pools we had been visiting, watching for phalarope… they didn’t appear, but the arctic terns, ringed plover and dunlin showed well . The wheatear, snipe and oystercatchers  also made regular appearances and it was idyllic sitting there, bird watching.


Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 16.36.36
Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 16.35.58

Stopping off to pick up some trail cams we had set when we arrived in Unst, we were pleased to have captured at least one clip of the visiting otter..

The journeys across on the ferries were wonderful as the weather was so good… I even ventured to take my hat off!  We all constantly scanning the horizon for any sign of dolphins… sadly not this time, but lovely views of gannet, greylag geese flying over, black guillemot, guillemot and the occasional puffin.


We headed to the mainland and to the lovely wild flower meadow outside Cheyne House to have our lunch. This area is not grazed and is just stunning with a wonderful display of orchid, cotton grass, spring squill, tormentil, eyebright and thrift… plenty of opportunities to take photos and enjoy the landscape!