#30DaysWild – Day 2 Irish Bog Delights

I am staying in a stunning area of SW Ireland, on the edge of a beautiful mountainous bog area. Whilst walking, I began to notice a selection of flowers that were common in this area, that I was not familiar with.

There were loads of these stunning blue / violet flowers with a rosette of pale green leaves. I was familiar with the Common Butterwort but this one is the much less common Large-flowered Butterwort.

Another insectivorous plant common in this area, is the Round-leaved sundew. The leaves have hairs with a little drop of liquid at the end of each hair;  this is, in fact a sticky glue-like substance in which the insects get stuck.

Other species thriving in this area are the Cuckoo Flower or Lady’s Smock



Common Milkwort

This is Red-eyed damselfly; a species I have not seen before!

I have really enjoyed visiting a habitat that I am not familiar with… it is a very special and untouched part of the world and to find such a unique and intact habitat is really quite wonderful….

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