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#30DaysWild – Day 14 – Bees in the Curriculum

Yesterday’s blog post was about the interest the kids have in our solitary bee hotel at school. I am keen to produce some materials that schools can use to educate staff and pupils alike about the wonderful world of solitary bees. There are lots of different opportunities to incorporate information about these bees in the curriculum. Most obviously is the science link; life cycles, habitats etc, but also think about literacy as there  are many different genres of writing that can be generated from learning about them.

Today, I worked with a year 4 group as part of their habitats work. We spent some time outside looking at the Bee Hotels and talking about what we already know about bees. I explained what happens in the bee hotel and then showed them all the observation hotel so they could see the chambers.


I also used the wonderful video that was produced by Team Candiru. This has great video sequences where the pupils can see what happens inside the cells.


We then re-capped on we all that we had learned about their life cycle  and the pupils then created a ten stage life cycle cartoon, explaining each of the stages. They were incredibly interested and asked lots of questions.

They worked for an hour on their cartoons and their work was fantastic!


Their finished worked really reflected their new knowledge and I hope that they will pass this information on. We also discussed how to make their own bee hotels and I have a feeling there will be a lot more going up in the coming weeks. Well Done Year 4!!



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