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#30DaysWild – Day 10 Fledgling Friday

It is always rather strange when I am left looking at lots of empty nest boxes on my cameras, but worth it when I see them all out in the garden. There are SO many around at the moment and the trees and hedges are full of their constant twittering as they beg for food. The adult birds carry on feeding them for a few weeks after fledge , as these new members of my garden learn how to feed themselves!

Watch out on my website live cameras and you will see young blue tits, great tits, bullfinch, blackbird, dunnock and greenfinch. I have not seen any young goldfinch yet or the rather distinct great-spotted woodpecker fledglings, with their red caps. I’m sure they will appear in the coming weeks.

The great tit and blue tit fledglings look like a rather washed-out version of the adult….


The juvenile bullfinch lacks the black cap of the adult birds…


Finches_June4th -5611

Keep an eye out in your garden for all the new generation of birds finding their way and learning how to maximise the feeding opportunities at the feeding stations.


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