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2011 update

I have been a bit quiet over the last week, but all back to normal now as I return to work and have the house back to myself after the Christmas and New Year festivities!

The feeders continue to be busy and I am pleased to say that my bullfinch trio are still visiting nearly every day. I have had the usual visitors as well as a spotted woodpecker now coming on the fat bar quite regularly. Here are a couple of screen shots from this afternoon…..

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The foxes are still visiting every day… in fact they are on the live cameras from about 5pm onwards. Fern and Flynn are around a lot together at the moment and as it is breeding season now, I am hoping that this bodes well for a new litter of cubs in the spring. Last year’s cubs are still visiting, but less so in the last week or so. They seem to come a little later, when Fern & Flynn have eaten their fill. I presume they will be chased off before the new cubs arrive, although sometimes the female cubs of a previous litter do help out with a new litter. That will be interesting to see.

I am quite excited about next week as it is the big launch of the Wildlife Whisperer website at the Outdoor Show in London. I will be travelling down next week to help set up. I will then be on the stand with the rest of the team from Thursday to Sunday. I have been preparing some activities for kids, so I am sure I will be kept busy for the four days. To find out more, click HERE

I will try and post some photos and news from the stand whilst I am in London and if any of my followers are in London next week, then pop in and say Hello!


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