Mammal Box

This is a rather special feeding station. It is specially designed for feeding small mammals. I designed the box with lights and a removable interior, so I can create different scenes inside. The camera inside films all the visitors, who pop in to see what food I have put out for them. I use a Hikvision mini-dome camera in this set-up.

Live camera 

Common shrews often pop in for the meal worms I out in here. They also love the suet products!

Pygmy Shrew

Smaller, pygmy shrews can also be seen visiting for mealworms, and suet products predominantly.

What to watch for.....

Bank Vole

Bank voles can be seen both day and night. If two come in together, watch them have, what looks like, a mini boxing match!

Bank Vole-Info.jpg

Wood Mouse

Wood mice are common visitors, but more often from evening onwards.


Common Shrew

Common Shrew info.jpg
Pygmy Shrew info.jpg

Water Shrew

Although not filmed in this current location, I have also filmed water shrew in my mammal box! Interesting as there is no water course here, but lots of damp vegetation!

Water Shrew info.jpg

What's been happening?