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Little Owl Apple Tree

I was recently contacted by neighbour who had been alerted to a nest site by his dogs, worrying at a hole in an old apple tree. The tree trunk is hollow and there are several different holes leading to a large internal chamber. He took a photograph of three small white chicks inside and, as soon as I saw them, I suspected they were owl chicks. I, of course nipped over to the site and initially set a couple of trail cameras. This is in the middle of their garden and there is quite a lot of activity around. It already looked like something has attempted to get into a lower hole, so they had erected a metal fence around to protect it.

The trail camera confirmed that this was the nest site of a little owl... and a pretty special one at that! The three chicks are actually on the floor inside this hollow tree trunk. There are 4 natural holes, with only one being used to bring food in and out. The camera is simply pointing into one of these holes, with natural light illuminating the chamber. 

I am using a Birdsy cam on a router with a PAYG sim. The signal is not great, so the live stream may be a little flaky at times.

The three little owl fledglings have left the nest site now. I will be adding a round up of video clips very soon

Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 15.32.27.png
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Behind the scenes....

The Birdsy camera is plugged into a little router using a PAYG sim. The Internet connection is not amazing, so the feed does drop out and then start again, but will record clips, even if it is not live streaming. After monitoring the site with a trail cam, it was clear they only use 2 of the 5 holes in the trunk. The Birdsy cam is pointing through one hole, so sometimes, the owlets move out of view a bit. This is a natural nest site, so difficult to set up something more aesthetically pleasing! When the owls have left, I may look into adapting one of the holes for a more permanent camera set up next year, in case they return. A big thank you to my neighbours who alerted me to this site and allowed me to set up the camera. A trail camera will monitor the entrance.