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GUEST CAM - John Zapf's hummingbird nest cam

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I am delighted to be able to share this beautiful camera from John Zapf in California, USA. This beautiful bird is an Allen's hummingbird, nicknamed 'Olive', by John. She has nested here in his garden for the last few years and he has the most beautiful set-up to film this exquisite bird and her tiny nest. 

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The Allen's hummingbird (Taken from Cornell Lab website)

  • Male and female Allen's Hummingbirds use different habitats during the breeding season. The male sets up a territory overseeing open areas of coastal scrub or chaparral, where he perches conspicuously on exposed branches. The female visits these areas, but after mating she heads into thickets or forests to build a nest and raise the young.

  • Allen's Hummingbirds breed in a narrow strip of habitat along coastal Oregon and California. But within their tiny range two subspecies occur. One (Selasphorus sasin sasin) migrates to a small area in Mexico for the winter while the other (S. s. sedentarius) stays put in southern California year-round.

  • The Allen's Hummingbird is a remarkably early migrant compared with most North American birds. Northbound birds may depart their wintering grounds as early as December, arriving on their breeding grounds as early as January when winter rains produce an abundance of flowers.

  • Like other birds, Allen's Hummingbirds use their feet to help control their body temperature. When it's cold outside they tuck their feet up against their bellies while flying, but when temperatures soar, they let their feet dangle to cool down.































John also has two other cams which are worth a look too!

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