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If you have landed here, then I hope it is because you are interested in our natural world and the wildlife that is right on our doorstep.

I have recently fulfilled a lifetime's ambition of moving to a large, rural plot in South Wales. 'Gwyllt Hollow' is already full of fabulous wildlife and on the edge of a large nature reserve. I will be sharing my journey as I discover, develop and  nurture this site. Through my live wildlife cams, blog and social media channels , I hope to share the my enthusiasm and passion for nature and the simple things in life that give me pleasure... nature, the outdoors  and fresh air!

Whether you are looking for some inspiration, ideas or just to chill watching wildlife cams, I hope my site will make you want to get outside and do your bit to support our great British wildlife.

This video sums up much of my work as WildlifeKate


Big Garden Birdwatch 2024


26th - 28th January

Get ready for the the RSPB Big Garden birdwatch!


I have created lots of cool content to help you get the most out of birdwatching!


Guides to help you ID common birds, information about my favourite feeders and what foods to feed.


Live Cameras


I live stream a range of cameras both here in my garden in South Wales, and further afield at other sites where I have installed cameras . I also feature 'guest' cameras, showcasing some of the best live wildlife action from around the country.

I mainly use CCTV type cameras that are cabled back to a central computer. Using iCatcher Console software, I am able to monitor, record and lift footage as well as live stream. 

Visit all live cameras

WildlifeKate Blog

I have always been a diary writer. As a child, I kept diaries documenting the birds that visited my bird table. Wherever possible, I like to write about my projects, experiences and journeys, not only to share them with others, but also so I keep a record for myself. With my move to South Wales, I hope to document how I settle in, explore the wildlife and set it up for wildlife filming. I have lots of exciting projects planned!


In the press

Find out more about my work  on TV and in the press

Blue tit_FS.jpg

Garden Birds

Garden birds, how to attract & ID them in your garden

Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 11.05.21.png


Follow my quest to film a wild badger give birth

More with


Coming soon!

Wildlife Projects

Creative projects for wildlife


Coming soon!

Using Cams

What cams do I use to film wildlife?



My work in education

Scotland Pig Picture.jpeg

Coming soon!


Engaging & inspiring talks 


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Bespoke  camera

set-ups in your space

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