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Hobby Nest Cam

I am very excited to be able to host this incredible new camera from Jason Fathers, MD of Wildlife Windows, whilst they revamp their website. Jason and I collaborated in the build of the Yew View Badger sett in which I filmed the badger birth and I follow his work avidly. This is an artificial nest, built to mimic a crow nest. The hobby does not make it own nest, but uses those of other birds. 


Jason's wildlife camera set-ups are a true inspiration to me. He is driven by his passion for wildlife and his amazing technical and set-up skills that simply blow my mind!

Wildlife Windows Ltd have been installing wildlife cameras throughout the UK for 18 years. They have installed many raptor nest cameras including Loch Arkaig (Woodland Trust) ospreys, peregrines, white-tailed eagles (shown on this year's SpringWatch 2022) and 
specialise in "extreme cctv", delivering live streams from remote locations. Jason is a raptor specialist and especially keen on hobbies.  He has monitored and studied them for over 20 years in Dorset / Hants. He was keen to  set up a live hobby nest , to be able to share his passion for these amazing little falcons.


It is the first time I have been able to see a hobby up close like this and to be able to watch them raise a family is going to be fascinating.

The set-up for a live camera has been extremely challenging and the feed may break up slightly, occasionally, due to the huge distances covered. There is no IR on this camera, so this will be for daylight viewing.


Enjoy this camera, I know I will, and thank you to Jason for allowing me to share it on my website.

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The three eggs hatched July 6th