Hedgerow Blackbird Nest

This blackbird is building in the hedgerow that runs down the side of my house and garden. It is right outside my conservatory window, so was easily to pop the small Birdsy cam inside. I saw her taking materials in on 21st June. At this point she has almost finished the nest.

She is currently bringing materials in and then paddling with her feet and pressing her body down to form the cup of the nest.

This is filmed and live streamed with a Birdsy Cam. Find out more on my Birdsy webpage or using the links below:

Birdsy Website:

What to watch for.....

Male Blackbird

The male is black, with a bright yellow beak and yellow eye ring. He brings food regularly, but does not sit on the nest. He will feed the female whilst she incubates.

Female Blackbird

The female is brown and can often be seen at the nest. She builds the nest. Watch her paddle inside and press down with her body as she shapes the cup. She will then lay up to 4 eggs and incubate these while the male feeds her.

Blackbird chicks

This is the 3rd nest I have filmed this season. There are two chicks in this nest.

What food?

Keep an eye out for the different foods that the adults bring to the nest. It is mainly earthworms, but you may spy a couple of other things like spiders, flies and caterpillars