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Cam 10_Redstart nestbox 2  on 2024-06-03 17-18-31.625.jpg

Gwyllt Hollow - Field Edge Nest Box

I actually made this nest box, hoping to attract redstart or even pied flycatchers... ambitious, I know! The box is mounted quite low to the ground and has a slightly larger hole than I would normally use. I built it to mimic boxes be used by a fellow naturalist, about half an hour from me, who has pied flycatchers and redstarts in boxes! The box is lined with bark and has small lights inside, which run on a sensor, so they turn off at night.

The way I have designed and built this box means that I can get the camera to zoom right in, giving incredible close-up views of the chicks! These are the best images I have managed to achieve so far in a box like this.

The great tits decided they liked it and built a  late nest in just a few days. The female laid 7 eggs.

UPDATE: The eggs started hatching on the 6th June. There are 5 chicks, doing well.

NB: These cameras run on different systems , so may be a little of of synch with each other

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