Roamwild Feeders

This live camera faces three Roamwild feeders that are designed to deter both squirrels and larger birds. This means that you will see lots of smaller species visiting here. If a squirrel or a larger bird lands on the perches, the weighted base moves down to cover over the port, so no food can be accessed. I have been trialling these feeders for sometime now and the squirrels have given up on them. They are performing very well and are well used by a variety of species, including the Great-spotted woodpeckers. The larger birds, such as stock doves, wood pigeons, magpies and jackdaws are unable to feed here. 

Live camera  (NB:may not work in Chrome)

What to watch for.....

Blue tit

Great tit

Long-tailed tit

Coal tit


Chaffinch (male)

Chaffinch (female)



Bullfinch (male)

Bullfinch (female)


pestoff - squirrel.jpg

Click on the image or link above to find out more about the RoamWild feeders. If you purchase via this link, I get a small percentage, which goes towards the cost of my bird food and live stream cameras.