June 2nd_840pm Fox cub4_00008.jpg

Field Fox Cam

This camera is mounted on my fence, facing a neighbouring field, so I can film the foxes visiting.  The field belongs to my neighbour, so you may see her jack russell appear at times!


My foxes are very wild and very wary. They tend to only appear from dusk onwards and sometimes very early in the morning. There are at least 4, sometimes 5 individuals visiting. You can tell them apart by their size and the black markings on their legs. They are unique to the individuals. The black and white markings on their tail can also help with ID.

This set-up uses a Hikvision Camera: Model DS-2CD2623G0-IZS

This angle is using a Birdsy camera. Due to the nature of the live stream, these two cams  may be slightly out of sync.

These images and footage  are from the last few years at this site.

Fox 2.jpg
Fox 3.jpg
Fox Cub daylight 3pm 31st May_Crop00001.
Fox 1.jpg