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Farmland Feeder Cam

At Yew View, we are aiming to support the birds up in the Top Field, which borders farmland. We have installed three Perdix Farmland Feeders.  They offer supplementary food and we are using a Birdsy camera to monitor the species that use them. We are feeding a farmland seed mix from Kings Seeds.


Over the last half century, changes in land-use and management on agricultural landscapes have reduced the amount of seeds and grains available to farmland birds. This reduction in food availability has contributed to the decline in some granivorous birds including species such as yellowhammer, grey partridge, tree sparrow, corn bunting, linnet and skylark. During winter and early spring, a period that has now become known as the ‘hungry gap’, insufficient availability of seeds and grain can reduce bird-survival and also result in birds entering the breeding season in poor condition.

To improve the availability of seeds and grains on modern farms, farmers have been encouraged to leave over-winter stubbles and create food plots on their land using specially created wild bird seed mixtures. Farmers can provide supplemental feed to farmland birds from December by spreading alongside over-winter food plots and stubbles. Feed hoppers, such as these Perdix feeders can also be used to provide feed. We are using a general purpose farmland seed mix from Kings Seeds in our feeders. It includes maize with aniseed, red dari, kibbled peas, red millet and sunflower hearts.