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For the last 4 years, I have been privileged to have been working on a very exciting project, with a small, dedicated and enthusiastic team. They had a vision to create a unique camera-based product that would not only monitor a feeding station, but ID the species visiting too! If you follow me, you will have not only seen the cam in action, as some of my live streams use Birdsy cams, but you will have seen a lot of the footage I capture from the cams too.


 It has been a long time coming, but we finally have a small batch of cameras to sell here in the UK.

If you are a keen wildlife watcher, would like to be able to watch a cam in your garden on your phone, tablet or PC as well as see what visits without having to retrieve an SD card, then this might be the camera for you.

So, what's it all about?

Watch my video

NB: The camera needs to be powered and needs wifi, so you need to be able to plug it in, in your chosen location, and pick up an Internet signal. You can cable the cam with a single Cat5 cable, back to your router and use a PoE splitter to both power the camera and deliver Internet. Cat 5 cables are cheap and safe to run up the garden and this solution means that you do not have to worry about poor wifi signal if cam is far from the house. This is generally the solution I use.

Many wildlife watchers use trail cameras. These will trigger when they detect movement. Birdsy is different. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) to recognise that wildlife is there and this is what triggers it to record. The AI is also learning to recognise the visitors too.  Each time it detects wildlife, it will save a clip, with a thumbnail and an ID. You can browse these videos from the app or on the PC. If you favourite them, they will be saved to the cloud, so you don't use up your phone memory. You can click to download and easily share to social media. 

The camera is a sturdy, free standing cam.


It is not attached to a feeder, giving you only one view. It can be mounted in any way you wish.... facing feeders, a bird table, bird bath, hole in the fence...... anywhere!


You can also zoom and focus the camera from the app, so fine tailor it to your precise needs. The cam will focus just a few cm away from the subject and I have even used it to monitor a bee hotel!


only limitations will be your imagination! Another fab bonus is that you can live stream your camera, for no extra cost! You get an embed code that can be popped onto your website. 

At present, the cams come with a year free subscription. This subscription gives you unlimited cloud storage and the ability to live stream. This will normally be an additional charge. Once the subscription runs out, if you do not wish to renew it, your camera will still work, but you cannot live stream and you will have limited cloud storage.

Here are a selection of Birdsy clips, to show what the system is capable of. It will film both day and night. It is able to ID most common British birds and the AI is now being 'taught' how to recognise common mammals!

I created these montages to showcase a range of video captures

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Follow Birdsy on Social media to see more clips, captured by our beta users.

You can find out more on the  BIRDSY WEBSITE and purchase a camera at  STORE.BIRDSY.COM

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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