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Patio Bird Bath Cam

This Birdsy cam is set up on a small, concrete bird bath within the patio area of my garden. I place a range of stones inside to vary the depths. I also place different plants around the back, to create a pleasant backdrop to the camera view. The space is regularly used by a range of species of birds, especially the blackbird, robin and a wren who visits nearly every day! 

Offering water in the garden is vital. Obviously drinking water is essential, but a safe space to bathe means that birds can keep plumage in good condition.  

I keep this space topped up with rain water from my water butt and I clean it out weekly.

This is filmed and live streamed with a Birdsy Cam. Find out more on my Birdsy webpage or using the links below:

Birdsy Website:

This pool was created near my pond to create another area for drinking and bathing

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