Feeding Station at Aigas Field Centre

Earlier this year, I spent a wonderful few days up at the Aigas Field Centre. Aigas offers small-group learning holidays and study courses exploring the stunning wildlife, habitats and landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and it is  truly wonderful location, full of wildlife.


Whilst I was enjoying their hospitality, watching their wonderful wildlife and talking to the rangers who were training up for this year's season, (sadly now not happening) I set up a Birdsy camera on a feeding platform that we built. It has been a great success and I'm delighted to now be able to share a live stream of this on my website.


The live stream also available on the Aigas website

There is a good selection of birds during the day and, if you are lucky, you may get to see one of the resident pine marten who visit the platform at night. 

This is filmed and live streamed with a Birdsy Cam. Find out more on my Birdsy webpage or using the links below:

Birdsy Website: www.birdsy.com

What to watch for.....


Coal tit


Wood pigeon

Great-spotted woodpecker


Pine marten

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