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Yew View Tawny Box

Mounted  high in a mature tree only 100m from the house, this tawny box is one from The Barn Owl Centre. It has been adapted slightly to accomodate a Vivitek HD camera. The box was also lined with some aged timber, to give a more natural looking image on the camera. There is a small amount of additional lighting in the box; white LED in the day, which switches to IR at night. This helps to achieve a good image both day and night and has not  worried the owls at all. The box was lined with a deep layer of wood chippings and sawdust. This is the third season that a pair of Tawnies have looked in this box and I presume it is the same pair. This year, they decided to nest here!

Stats from this Box


 Egg 1 laid: 4th March

 Egg 2 laid: 8th March


 Egg 1 hatched: 5th April (am)

 Egg 2 hatched: 5th April (pm)


 Owlet 1 branched:

 Owlet 2 branched:

This YouTube Playlist will show all the footage captured from this nest box. The latest footage will appear first.

This box is at my Yew View site in Worcestershire; a site I manage for wildlife.

Tawny chick 1 15.59 5th April Female eat shell_000 Tawny chick 1 _female with mouse April 5th 20.36_0 Tawny Chick 1 Good views 5th April 18.18_00000 Vivotek Tawny 2017-04-08 10-36-05.296 Vivotek Tawny 2017-04-11 01-04-22.709 Vivotek Tawny 2017-04-09 13-22-45.060 Vivotek Tawny 2017-04-08 10-36-05.296