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Yew View Tawny Box 2019

Mounted  high in a mature tree only 100m from the house, this tawny box has been designed and built by me and Dave Harper... a carpenter friend with a lot more skill than me! We built the box, based on one  from The Barn Owl Centre. that the tawnies have nested in for the last two years.  It has been adapted  to be deeper, have a large patio area and with external boxes, accommodating 2 Hikvision mindome cameras. This is the first year I have had two internal cameras in  the box. It is  lined with some aged timber, to give a more natural looking image on the camera. There is a small amount of additional lighting in the box; white LED in the day, which switches to IR at night. This helps to achieve a good image both day and night and has not  worried the owls at all. The box is lined with a deep layer of wood chippings and sawdust.  I also mounted a camera on the outside of the nest box.


You can read more about the building of this nest box HERE

This YouTube Playlist will show all the footage captured from this nest box. The latest footage will appear first.

This box is at my Yew View site in Worcestershire; a site I manage for wildlife.

Tawny Close up Cam2 Dec 2018_00000

Highlights from this season will feature in this Flickr Slideshow