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Yew View Artificial Badger Sett

In October 2015, I built a two chamber badger sett in the grounds of Yew View. With Jason Fathers from Wildlife Windows to help me, we designed and created the set-up to include an HD camera in each chamber.  The main chambers are made out of sleepers, with the tunnel system made from drainage pipes. I designed a system by which the cameras are lowered into position down pipes, so they can easily be removed for maintenance and cleaning if the badgers are not in the sett. Within 6 months, wild badgers were investigating the sett. Winter and Spring 2016/17, we had up to four individuals using the sett as a sleepover in between night time forays.  My ultimate dream is to have breeding in one of these chambers, but for now, I am delighted with the footage we are getting and the intimate views we have of interractions between wild badgers underground!

This YouTube Playlist will show all the footage captured from this sett. The latest footage will appear first.

Building the sett....

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Badger Spa pampering 3rd April_00003 Badger Spa pampering 3rd April_00004 Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 20.54.52

Our footage....