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WildlifeKate Live Cameras

I am lucky enough to have a wide range of wildlife visiting my Lichfield garden and I am delighted to be able to share it with a wider audience through a growing selection of live cameras. The selection of cameras will grow over the coming months as there are lots of exciting projects and cams in the pipeline.


These live camera streams have been made possible through generous sponsorship by CJ Wildlife.

Hub Feeder Cam

Garden Wildlife PTZ Cam

Snack Bar Cam

Mammal Box Cam

Fox Field Cam



CJ Wildlife have over 30 years experience in researching and developing products to help you attract, care for and enjoy the wide variety of wildlife in your garden. As well as supplying the UK market, we now operate in 9 other European countries too as Europe’s leading garden wildlife specialist, we are proud to be the market leaders in the research, design and development of wild bird and wildlife food, and accompanying feeding products.


The food, feeders and products featured on these cameras are supplied by CJ Wildlife.


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Watch a variety of birds (& small mammals) visiting these feeders outside my garden hub feeders.

The garden is monitored by a PTZ camera , meaning the camera can move between different set-ups. Watch a variety of garden birds visiting throughout the day on my feeders or visitors.

CJ Wildlife is proud to sponsor these cameras which allow us a fantastic insight into the life of birds and mammals.

CJ Logo1 small Bullfinch male 21st Nov_00002

The ultimate in avian feeding stations! Watch the birds visit this novel bespoke feeding station positioned just outside my office.

Can you spot a wood mouse, bank vole or even a shrew in this mammal box set-up positioned in a hedgerow close to my house?

Evening robin 18th Nov_ 2 vixens interracting 1st May_00009

Watch foxes and other nocturnal animals  by night and ground feeding birds during the day at this feeding station in a field adjoining my garden.

You can see a small version of the live stream. You can access a larger stream image and more information by clicking the right hand box

March 24th_Male & female plus jackdaw_00001 Pole Feeders_Goldfinch Greenfinch Bullfinch_00000

This nest box is in my Lichfield garden. The box has an HD IP camera inside and a lighting unit. The lights come on gradually as the light increases outside and turn off at night. A nest box  on this oak tree has been used every year for the last 5 years and the eggs hatching usually correspond to the oak coming into leaf, when it is full of moth caterpillars.

March 25th_2 blue tits looking_00005 GSW_10thMay_00000

Watch birds and small mammals visit this waterhole to drink and bathe.