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Wild Learning

I am a qualified Primary Teacher and have taught in this sector for over 25 years.  With my specialism being Environmental Education, I have always been passionate about engaging people with the natural world. I now teach 2 days a week at a large Junior School, near Nuneaton in Warwickshire. I organise, what we call, the 'Wild Learning' in school. This encompasses all the different ways that children can learn outside of the classroom environment.  Over the last 2 years, we have developed a large Wild Learning area, a comprehensive 'Grow Zone' allotment as well as keeping a number of animals in school. The profile of natural history has been greatly raised in school and pupils are learning to love, respect and value their environment in a way that they did not use to do.

The benenfits to children are immeasurable and the joy they have from spending time outdoors is seen in the slideshow below... just a few of the hundreds of images I have!

My work in primary schools does not stop at Michael Drayton Junior though. I undertake a range of consultancy jobs in schools both in Warwickshire and further afield.


From running teacher workshops, organising and running 'Wild Learning' sessions with pupils to setting up feeding stations, my work is exciting and varied.

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The work I do at Michael Drayton Junior can be seen on the Wild Learning website which I built and maintain. I also write a regular blog documenting all the activities we get up to at school. You can access these by using the links below.



My work with children is highly rewarding and sharing my enthusiasm for wildlife, with children, is my passion.


I wrote this song, using a John Newman backing track and we recorded it at school.


I feel it sums up what I believe about getting children outside and in touch with the natural world.


We are very proud of the work we do at Michael Drayton Junior School

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Using Wildlife to Learn

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