Using Bushnells in a School Setting

I am beginning to use the Bushnells more to help school pupils learn about the wildlife that is in their school grounds. The trophy cams are easy for pupils to set up and they love using kit such as this. The uploading and manipulation of the footage fits in well with the IT curriculum and using kit such as this is an excellent way of engaging pupils with the natural world on their doorstep.

When a school approached me to help them, I was happy to set my Bushnell XLT up for them. The footage we captured was quite amazing ........

These creatures were all captured within the school grounds, in an area that is bordered by woodland. The school new they had a range of animals visiting because of the the tracks and evidence left. This footage was shown in assembly and put on the school website and was a wonderful way of proving to the pupils that there was a whole new world in their grounds, that came alive when they went home.

Footage such as this is a wonderful stimulusfor writing. All genres of writing within the Literacy Strateg can be achieved through using a stimulus such as this.

I feel there is much potential for use of Bushnells within the school curriculum, possibly on a loan basis, as many schools would be unable to afford the kit themselves.

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