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Wouldn't it be great if you could get your DSLR to fire when a blue tit flew from the nestbox, a badger emerged from the sett or the robin alighted on the perfect perch? I can do this with my wireless remote.... set the camera up with all the correct settings, and then retreat, wait..... and watch for that 'perfect' moment, press the button and cause the remote to fire my camera.

That is all well and good.... but what if I don't want to stand all day, waiting for the robin to alight?.... what if I the foxes or badgers are spooked by my presence and I want to leave my camera to fire remotely when there is some action?

The 'Traxwatch' system is a remote imaging system that will fire my camera when either an infra-red beam is broken or when a passive IR detects movement.

So, basically, that means I could set my DSLR up on one of my nestboxes. I would then set the Traxwatch so that, as the bird emerged from the nestbox, it broke the beam, triggered my camera and took the photo. Provided I had the correct setting on my camera... fast enough shutter speed etc, then I could achieve a shots like this......

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