Chicken vegetable Feeder #2 (2)
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Chicken vegetable Feeder #2 (2)

Feathers & Beaky Vegetable Feeder

The team at 'Spike's World' developed have also developed a 'Feathers & Beaky' range of products designed for free range hens.....

"Although chickens like to scratch about, throwing vegetables on the ground isn't ideal. They get dirty and any that isn't eaten can attract those dreaded rats.

Put them in our robust vegetable holder instead and you'll lose a few hours watching them jump up to get a beak full. It's good excercise for your hens and the veg lasts longer too, helping to prevent boredom."

I have a motley crew of 6 hens... a rather mixed bunch who freely roam my garden during the day. I could not wait to try this out with them!

I have kept hens since 2009 and I absolutely love having them. There is something special about their lovely clucky greeting in the morning when you first open their run and, of course, the joy of fresh delicious free -range eggs goes without saying. I have a weird mixture in my flock... 5 hens and 1 cockerel. I have had rescue hens in the past, but sadly I lost those girls last year. Two of my current hens were incubated at school and raised there, so are very tame and are great little characters... they are both bantams, one of which is a frizzle. Thse have been bred to have curled feathers which give me the impression she has just emerged from the tumble drier! They follow me around in the garden, 'talking' to me and they were the first to investigate this great little feeder from the guys & gals at Spike's World.

My hens have a secure run (well I do feed foxes, so I have to be very careful!) but when I am working from home, they have free range of the end of my garden. When the ground is dry, I don't mind putting food out on the floor for them. Although I feed them layers pellets, they absolutely love granary bread and sweetcorn, as well as other leftovers. If the ground is wet and muddy... which is often is in their run, then food on the floor quickly becomes dirty, is wasted and then causes a horrible mess. When I was sent this feeder to trial, I thought it was a brill idea!

Although primarily designed for veg, of course you can put whatever you want in here. I have been using it mainly for granary crusts and old sweetcorns that I buy cheaply if they are out of date or damaged. I hang the feeder up and it is comical watching the hens peck for the food and then send the feeder swinging. Not only is it a great way to dispense food and keep it off the ground, but will keep the hens occupied!


The Feathers & Beaky Veg feeder is used daily now and when I let the hens out, they race up to it to see if I have filled it yet.... I must set the trail cam on it too as any remains, when I lock the hens away, are never there in the morning, so something else is making a visit too!

My 'girls' and I definitely recommend this feeder... not only is it practical, but great fun to watch the hens eating out of it to.... here is a clip of Beattie & Belinda demonstrating it!


Spike's World products are available in a range of pet food stores and online retailers.

For more details about the products check out my other reviews and visit their website by clicking the link below:


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