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Wild Things Badger & Fox Food

The team at 'Spike's World' developed have also developed a 'Wild Things' range of foods.

"At Spike’s World we believe that caring for our native wildlife is as important as feeding our own pets - and we're delighted that so many people share that belief.
That’s why we’ve created our Wildthings range. It’s a selection of nutritious foods, ideally balanced to supplement the natural diet of our wild garden visitors.

Whether you create a space in your garden that’s a haven for hibernating mini beasts, or actively encourage badgers and foxes onto your lawn, we know that every little really does help.
Regularly feeding Wildthings nutrient rich food actively helps wild creatures and means they can cope better during the leaner months."

As I regularly feed a family of foxes in the field next to my garden, I trialled this food with these individuals.

My foxes have been visiting for over two years now and I am very conscious about what and how much I give them. I feed them small amounts to encourage them to come close to my cameras so I can watch them and enjoy them. I never attempt to get close to them or tame them in any way, as I feel this will make them vulnerable. They are rural foxes, living pretty much natural lives hunting in the fields around my home. They have little contact with humans and are very wary. In the summer months, they come into the field next to my garden and they will tolerate me photographing them from an upstairs window. If I go downstairs or attempt to go in the garden with my camera, they are off! This is how I like it, as it means that they are behaving as naturally as possible.

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The food is nutritionally balanced to suit foxes, so I was confident it would supplement their natural diet. It has a selected blend of meat protein, carbohydrates and fats, with added vitamins and minerals, and the crunchy nuggets are good for healthy teeth. The nutritional value is important to me... I want to ensure that any food I put out will benefit their health.

 This year I have had two sets of cubs.... from two different vixens. Quite often, all four cubs feed together. With growing youngsters, I was even more aware of providing a suitable food for them and they certainly enjoyed this offering!!


I am also hoping to try this food out with my local badgers... if the foxes haven't polished it all off first! It is certainly a food I was consider purchasing, especially when there are young cubs around who may need that additional nutritional boost, or when the weather deteriorates and hunting is harder for these animals. It is then that it is especially important to ensure that the food provided for our wild visitors offers the maximum nutritional benefit possible.

Spike's World products are available in a range of pet food stores and online retailers.

For more details about the products check out my other reviews and visit their website by clicking the link below:


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