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Roof Sitting Room Nest Box 2019

More about this box.........

I wanted to try something a little different in my nest boxes this year. Following on from the success of my themed mammal boxes and the bird snack bar, I decided to internally decorate a couple of nest boxes to see if I could get something to nest in a mini sitting room set! It has taken several months to create two nest boxes like this.


This box is purpose built to ensure that the space is not compromised. The items were carefully chosen to ensure they did not offer any danger to the birds and everything is glued down. In the wild, a natural nest site might have all sorts of  twigs, thorns, branches etc and , to a blue tit, this is no different. They just look for a space that is safe and protected.


The items I've used are doll's house 1/12th furniture and wall paper. The box is internally lit with an LED light, on a sensor so the light turns off at night. I am using a Hikvision minidome IP camera inside, that has been adapted to house it without intruding on the nest space and focused to cope with the small interior of the box.


I have mounted this box up next to my chimney on the corner of the roof, as I have a flat roof below and it was easy access. I have seen them investigating holes and crevices in this area.

This Flickr Slideshow shows some highlights from this sitting room nest box

Follow the story of this nest box via my Youtube Channel

IMG_1549 IMG_1537 March 23rd_First look_2

A new project for 2019, I designed two purpose-built themed nest boxes, to see if I could get birds to nest in a mini sitting room set-up.  Designed to ensure sufficient space to breed, these boxes use 1/12 dolls house furniture that is securley glued down.  I am hoping this footage will provide me with a platform to engage young and old to teach them more about the wonderful wildlife on our doorstep!