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Robin Nest Cam

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I thought I spotted a robin popping into the ivy around a stone bird bath outside my kitchen window. A quick look confirmed a nest, but I had no idea if it was an active nest. I quickly slid the camera into place and was delighted, the next morning, to see a robin nestled in there!


This Flickr Slideshow shows some highlights from this nest

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I noticed this nest when I saw a robin pop into the ivy that surrounds a stone bird bath that I have outside my kitchen window. I was at the sink where I saw the robin disappear in there.


Carefully approaching the location, when I saw her leave, I parted the ivy back to reveal a completed nest!  As the blackbirds had just fledged, I was able to take that camera and move it into the new location, nestling it in the ivy before she returned.


She has since laid 4 eggs.