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James Thorn - Head of Design - who designed products for Dyson


"This product really does work. 3 years of design work and testing has delivered the ultimate pest proof bird feeder. Designed with the customer in mind, it is simple to fill, easy to clean, birds love it and it comes at a really affordable price.”


Main Features:


Its main parts are all metal construction and is tested and proven to work, not only because of the full metal construction but also because of the cutting edge technology used to design the feeder.

There are no settings to adjust, unlike other feeders that need to be adjusted depending on the pest. Our feeder has individually spring loaded ports, unlike other spring loaded feeder designs that either need constant recalibration to remain effective or all close at the same time when a pest lands on one port.

The built in rain guard above the seed ports keeps the seed dry to prevent clogging and with a generous capacity of 1.5ltrs (3lbs) makes the feeder great value. Another clever feature is that no tools are required to clean the feeder or refill it.

The PestOff Bird Feeder comes in four seed types:


Mixed Seed


Nyjer Thistle Seed

Suet Fat Ball Cakes

Over the next few months, my wildlife will be testing a selection of feeders from Roamwild.  Initially, it will be the 'Pest Off' bird feeders. These are designed to keep off the larger birds , rats and squirrels.  Using a weighted perch, the feeder should be exclusively for the smaller birds who visit my garden. You will be able to watch these feeders, live on this stream.

Interested in purchasing these feeders?

Click HERE to visit the Homgar website , where these feeders are sold. If you purchase via this link, I will receive a small percentage of the sale, to help fund my bird feed bill!