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My 'Patch'

My 'patch' includes my garden and the surrounding area in semi-rural Staffordshire. Over the last five years, I have installed a variety of cameras... in nest boxes, on feeders, in mammal boxes and even in a field that adjoins my garden. These have given me unique insights into the lives of birds and animals that visit  and inspired me to do even more to attract and support the many creatures in this area. I love sharing my garden wildlife, and the ideas I have to help attract it, with as wide an audience as possible through my website, blog and live cameras.


I have appeared on BBC Springwatch, Autumnwatch, Countryfile, Gardeners' World, Julian Clary's 'Nature Nuts' and Midlands Today, sharing my garden fauna and the projects I undertake to improve my patch for wildlife.



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Nest Boxes

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Mammal Boxes

Feeding Stations