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Mammal Maze Challenge 2018

Inspired by the mouse mazes that Springwatch created, I wanted to design something a little large and on a vertical plane. Knowing that I get rats  and squirrels to my garden, I thought it would be interesting to create a set-up that would allow me flexibility to create different mazes and challenges for them and then to film the results.


Working with Tom Firmstone, we developed this set-up and you can read more about how it was built at the bottom of this page. Over the coming months, I plan on setting different challenges within the frame and then monitor how quickly the mammals manage to  reach the food!

This YouTube Playlist will show all the footage captured from my Mammal Maze.

This Mammal Maze is set up in my garden, in Lichfield.

How was it made?

I drew up some sketches for Tom and discussed what I wanted to achieve with this challenge. It was Tom who came up with the idea of making the blocks that could be moved around within a tray to create different scenarios. Built within an aluminium frame and hinged in the centre, it can all be turned horizontally and the front panel opened to rearrange the blocks and to insert the food and to clean it.


I placed the frame up in my garden , in view of the PTZ camera so that my live stream viewers could watch it. It also has a dedicated camera mounted in front of it, that films 24-7.  

IMG_8099 IMG_8090 IMG_8089