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Mammal Boxes

My love of creating mammal boxes came initially from my nest box camera kits. Once the nesting season was over, it seemed a shame for the camera to sit in the nest box, doing nothing until the following spring.  I knew there were lots of small mammals in the hedgerows near my house, so I simply upturned a small wicker basket, put a piece of waterproof matting over the top, removed the camera from the nest box and cable tied it inside the basket. I was delighted to capture images of wood mice within a few days.


Over the last few years, this obsession developed with me creating a range of different set ups; initially using IR and now using HD cameras in small, lit environments.  I designed a selection of mammal boxes with removeable 'sets' allowing me the flexibilty to create different scenarios for my small mammals to interact in. From natural sets to the more creative house and Autumnwatch sets, the mammals seem none the wiser... as long as there is food present!


These playlists showcase some of the videos I have captured using these set-ups.

This was one of my first mammal camera projects; a small enclosure made out of clay with a black and white IR nest box camera.

Clay Cavern...

This purpose-built mammal box, with a HD Vivotek camera and internal lighting, has removeable 'sets' allowing me to create a range of different scenarios in which the mammals can feed.

Mammal Box HD...

This box uses a similar set-up to the Mammal Box HD, but is a larger box, allowing hedgehog visitors... and others!

Prickly Diner HD...

Mammal Challenge

How intelligent are my mammal visitors? I set them a series of challenges to get the food......

Creating my Mammal Box HD

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