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This Droll Yankee feeder is mounted on a post in the pation part of my garden. Filled with sunflowere seeds and hearts, it attracts a variety of visitors.

This squirrel proof sunflower heart feeder is popular with the goldfinches and greenfinches particularly.

This Nature's Feast fat ball feeder is a particular favourite of the long tailed tits.... as well as the blue tits and great tits.

My Hub has a selection of feeders outside that I can see when I work in there. At present, these are a selection from Nature's Feast. A wide variety of species visit here.

This 'peanut butter feeder' is on trial from CJ WIldlife and is mounted on a fence behind a hanging basket frame to keep the mapies & squirrels off!

This feeder is mounted on a hedge, about 3 metres from the ground. I can see it from my upstairs office window.
It has a clear dome protector to allow light in but deter the pigeons!

I made this pool out of two recycled tyres. Both birds and mammals use it to drink and bathe.

I mounted 4 mini tea-strainer sieves together within 2 hanging baskets to create this feeders. I put a variety of foods into these sieves.

I made this log feeder and I pack the holes with a mixture of suet products. The woodpeckers love it!

This far bar feeder is mounted on a fence and protected from the larger birds by a metal protective cage.

Attracting Mammals

I designed and built this squirrel feeder to encourage the squirrels to feed at their own spot, rather than on the bird feeders.

I feed two families of foxes in the field next to my garden. They are regular visitors and can be seen on my night cams most nights.

This purpose-built squirrel box has attracted a number of squirrels which could be seen snoozing in here within the leaf bed they have created. They featured on Autumnwatch in 2012. In 2103, stock doves nested in here and raised 2 chicks.

Recently renovated, my clay cavern was the inspiration for the BBC' Mammal Stump'. I get voles, mice and shrews in here, both day and night.

This Feeding Station is purpose built for hedgehogs. I extended it to house a camera and some lights. The whole area is now illuminated and hedgehogs and rats visit regularly.

This Box is lined with clay and natural materials. I mounted some lights inside and used 'rat-proof ' entrances of just 1.9cm diameter to allow mice and voles inside. This is a lit version of clay cavern and both bank voles and wood mice visit.

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