I have set up a variety of nest boxes this year. The boxes shown here are wired back to my office PC so they can be live streamed. I also have about more that are 'camera-ready' meaning that I can easily drop a cam in or nearby if something begins to nest. Some of these are on open nest boxes, that may attract robin or blackbirds.

APRIL UPDATE: The blue tits are laying!


APRIL UPDATE: The blue tits have started nesting


APRIL UPDATE: The great tits are laying

Kestrel Picture 6

Cams on nests

I am always keeping an eye out for birds that start nesting within reach of a wired camera! It is essential to carefully assess the situation and I always put the welfare of the nesting bird first. If I do not feel I can position a cam without any disruption, then I will not attempt to do so. If the birds are just starting the nesting process, then they are away from the site for periods of time. I set up a cam away from the site, having calclated the focal distance and the positioning. I am able to quickly postion the small nest box-type cam when the bird is not there, and, if sensibly positioned, the bird will return and show no signs of noticing the camera.

UPDATE: One of the three eggs hatched and the chick is doing well!

"This female blackbird has built her nest in the ivy hanging from the side of my garage port. Although a rather shady place for good camera images, this nesting site is pretty safe from the magpies that destroyed two of my blackbird nests last year".


Bird Feeders Cameras

I feed the birds all year round in my garden and I have seen over 40 species here. I have a variety of different feeders that live stream. These are positioned in different parts of the garden and provide different food stuffs in order to attract the maximum number of species.


" Set on top of a hedge that is level almost with my office window, this open feeding platform attracts some of the species that are more nervous of coming down into the garden. Wood mice visit here at night as well"

Mammal Feeders Cameras

I attract lots of mammals to my garden through different feeding stations, that I have designed and built. These cameras provide great interesting and addictive viewing.

" This has to be one of my favourite of all the cams I have designed and made as the footage it captures is unique..... interactions between voles, shrews, wood mice and even a house mouse, it provides addictive viewing both day and night. Footage from this cam was featured on the last Autumnwatch programme and inspired this year's Springwatch Mammal Stump"

" This feeder was built to try to convince the squirrels to feed at their own feeder, rather than from my bird feeders. It has worked brilliantly and the fish-eye lens on the camera, that is inside the jar, gives great views of the feeding squirrel!"


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