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WildlifeKate Live Cameras

I am lucky enough to have a wide range of wildlife visiting my Lichfield garden and I am delighted to be able to share it with a wider audience through a growing selection of live cameras.

Watch a variety of birds visiting these feeders in my garden

I will be trailling a new set of feeders from 'RoamWild', who sponsor this camera.   I will also be reviewing and trailling a range of their products over the coming months!

You can see a small version of the live stream. You can access a larger stream image and more information by clicking the right hand box

March 25th_2 blue tits looking_00005 March 17th_Looking around2_6

Roof Sitting Room Nest Box

My other cams from 2019

For a short period, these extra cameras were being added to my live stream selection, so I could share them.

Thank you to iCode and iCatcher Console and CJWildlife for supporting me.

April 7th_Moss in_00002

Blackbird Honeysuckle Nest

Robin Ivy Nest

March 23rd_Settling on 3 eggs

Hedgerow Diner Cam


Feature  Feeders - Roamwild

WildlifeKate Feeder Cam

What mammals can you see visiting this small mammal box feeding station?

Mouse and vole_00007 IMG_1633 IMG_1670 Roamwild Logo big

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March 25th_2 blue tits looking_00005

Blackbird Nest

March 23rd_On 3 eggs