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Window Feeder Camera

RobinNest Greenfinch

WildlifeKate Live Cameras

I am lucky enough to have a wide range of wildlife visiting my Lichfield garden and I am delighted to be able to share it with a wider audience through a growing selection of live cameras.

Garden Feeders

Watch a variety of birds visiting these feeders outside my garden hub

These feeders show a selection of those availble from CJ WIldlife, who sponsor this camera.  We will showcase lots of different feeders and different foods, so you can watch the many different species who come to take advantage of what is on offer!

You can see a small version of the live stream. You can access a larger stream image and more information by clicking the right hand box

March 25th_2 blue tits looking_00005 March 17th_Looking around2_6

Roof Sitting Room Nest Box

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CJ Wildlife is proud to sponsor three cameras which allow us a fantastic insight into the life of birds

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Our other cams from 2019

For a short period, these extra cameras were being added to my live stream selection, so I could share them.

Thank you to iCode and iCatcher Console and CJWildlife for supporting me.

April 7th_Moss in_00002

Blackbird Honeysuckle Nest

Robin Ivy Nest

March 23rd_Settling on 3 eggs

Hedgerow Diner Cam


Window  Feeders

Feature Feeder Camera

Window feeders are a great way to feed birds if you don't have a garden. Also super if you have an office, kitchen or bedroom window and would like to watch the birds from there! This one is mounted on my office window.

Each month, we will be featuring a different feeder from the CJ Wildlife range. You can then see this feeder in situ and watch how the birds use it. A great way to trial a feeder from the comfort of your own home!

PoleFeeders_GSW_00000 Ottowa_Bullfinch_00000 WindowFeeder_Blackbird Male_00000
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WildlifeKate Feeder Cam

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