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Hedgerow Diner Cam



CJ Wildlife have over 30 years experience in researching and developing products to help you attract, care for and enjoy the wide variety of wildlife in your garden. As well as supplying the UK market, we now operate in 9 other European countries too as Europe’s leading garden wildlife specialist, we are proud to be the market leaders in the research, design and development of wild bird and wildlife food, and accompanying feeding products.


The food, feeders and all products featured on these cameras are supplied by CJ Wildlife. Visit the website to find out more.


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CJ Wildlife are proud to sponsor this camera

Behind the scenes.........

I have had great fun designing little mini scenes for my mammal boxes and this made me think about what I could create for the birds. This is one of many projects I have designed, encouraging wildlife into purpose-built sets.


This Hedgerow Diner is designed so I can build new sets that slide into the structure that is covered by clear perspex.


We have two different set-ups at present; a Tearoom and a mini garden. These cameras are sponsored by CJ Wildlife.


Last year CJ Wildlife launched a national competition to design a new mammal or bird feeding station to appear on the live cameras. The winner was a schoolgirl from Skeld Primary School, in the Shetland Islands, Laura Jamieson and her wonderful ‘Tearoom’ design has now been transformed by WildlifeKate into a superb feeding station! The little tables and teapots have been incorporated  to make it work in the outdoor setting.  It has taken a while to perfect to ensure it can be maintained full of food as well as encouraging smaller birds to enter, keep the food dry and not get overrun with larger birds. It is early days, but the tearoom has already been a hit with the birds, although they need some better table manners!  




Watch for a range of birds visiting my avian snack bars! I  have designed  a range of sets for this new Hedgerow Diner set up, so sit back and enjoy the birds feeding in the tearoom or the garden set... more to come in the future!