The hedgehog box is made by Riverside Woodcraft

I am using a high res cam from Gardenature in this box

The set-up.......


This box is large enough for me to film the hedghogs feeding in a space where they feel safe.

A nest box type camera is mounted inside, but this camera has more than the usual number of IR LEDs activated, as this is quite a large space to illuminate.

This hedgehog box is made by a local company, Riverside Woodcraft and is an excellent, sturdy box. It is designed really for nesting and hibernating hedghogs, but I use it as a feeding station.


The box is mounted into a bank, nest to a mature hedge that runs the length of my garden. It is along this hedge that the hedgehogs tend to travel.

I place peanuts, sunflower hearts, mealworms and raisins inside here every evening.

 The video is the footage captured with my Bushnell , as I wanted to see the route they were taking to the feeding station.


My hedgehog visitors.......

I have had regular visitor from hedgehogs, with them usually making an appearance from 9.30pm. On a couple of occasions, there have been two in the box at once. I was pretty sure that, actually, there were three individuals visiting. This was confirmed on the evening of the 10th June, when three were all in the box at once! The last one in was so suprised to find two already there, that he curled up.... in the entrance hole... thus stopping anyone from escaping! There was a lot of huffing, puffing and snorting until eventually, they all went on their way. Excellent to know that I have a healthy population here, when hedgehog numbers are declining so rapidly.

The lighter evenings have also meant that my hedgehogs are beginning to appear when there is still enough light to photograph. I was able to take some shots of this individual after he had filled up on peanuts, cat biscuits and sunflower hearts in the hedgehog box.

June 26th.......

The hedgehogs are visiting from 8pm onwards now and I also see them in the field at night, on my fox camera. At the weekend, I was walking across the field to set up a new cam and came across a small hedgehog sleeping in the long grass. By its size, I would think it is less than a year old. In one of the photos, I placed my hand nearby, so you can guage the size. Obvioulsy, it curled up tight when it saw me. I gently turned it over, so I could see its face. It is quite amazing how tightly they can curl.... only the tiniest bit of face could be seen. Gradually it relaxed, so I could see his nose twitching and his feet. He has had an encounter with a mower of strimmer as the spines near the frontof his head were all 'shaved' off. I watched him for about 5 minutes, took a few pictures with a little compact camera I had with me and then I stood back to give him the confidence to uncurl. He scuttled off into the long grass. It is really good to know that there is such a healthy population of hedgehogs here when they are declining so rapidly in the UK.

July 2nd.......

Whilst watering the garden tonight, I heard a lot of rustling in the hedge. The hedgehogs make loads of noise as they travel down the hedgeline as there are loads of dead leaves in there. A small hedgehog appeared out of the hedgeline and clambered down the bank into the garden. I grabbed my iPod Toucch and was able to get a couple of minutes footage of it. This is the one I photograhed past weekend. It has damaged front spines, as if it had a close shave with a strimmer! Filming with the iPod means you get get down to their level... as he climbed back up the bank, I held the iPod in the bank, in front of him and he clambered up toward it!

This little hedgehog appeared several times and I was able to take more video and photos....

August 2nd.......

With such dry weather and the pond being particularly low, I set up a waterhole cam just below my hedgehog box, hoping to attract a variety of wildlife, including the hedgehogs. I did not have to wait long as they discovered it on the first night.... the peanut butter may have helped as well!

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