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HandyKam IP Nest Box Cam

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Watch from nest build to lay, to hatch, to fledge (hopefully!) in this nest box mounted on an Oak tree in my garden

This nest box is one of the first commercial nest boxes using IP camera technology. Most of my cameras are now IP as they deliver a better quality image and offer me more scope for wiring as I can wire the Cat5 cable myslef. An IP camera plugs into your server and is viewable on the Internet. I adpated this HandyKam box slightly by taking out the false ceiling and mounting the camera up inside the roof space, I felt this gave me an exra few cm of viewable space in this quite large nest box.  The box has a couple of small winows in the side, allowing some light into the box and helping to improve the image inside.


I mounted this box on an oak tree at the patio end of my garden. I have not had a nest box in this position before, so I was delighted when a pair of blue tits built a nest in this box. They brought in a lot of nesting material and created a very deep nest cup.

This Flickr Slideshow shows some highlights from this nest box

This YouTube Album shows some highlights from this nest box

IMG_6973 minidome-box-kit-1600x1067 April 26th_Eggs on view_00001