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Field Nest Box 2018

Mounted between two trees at the far end of my garden, this large nest box was orginally put up after I saw a barn owl visit an old ketrel box I had. For 2 weeks in 2014,  a pair of barn owls used it, but then left before breeding. It has been used by jackdaws, stock doves and a tawny owl checked it out. Last year, the camera stopped working. Early this year, I heard a pair of kestresl in the field next to my garden and , as I went up the garden, a male kestrel flew ut of the box. Watching them for the rest of the day, I realised they were prospecting for a nest site. Exitedly, I quickly installed a small IP dome camera in the box. I was not entirely happy with the set-up but did not want to disturb their interest. After several weeks of being mobbed by a number of jackdaws, I fear my kestrels have given up. I took the chance to re-set the camera to a better position and get the lights working inside the box... just in case. We'll have to see if they return or whether the jackdaws claim it as their own....

This YouTube Playlist will show all the footage captured from this nest box. The latest footage will appear first.

This nest box is at the far end of my garden, in Lichfield, overlooking open fields.

This Flickr slideshow will display the screenshots lifted from the nest box footage.

Male kestrel pulling at twigs 15th March_00002 March 24th_Male chasing jackdaws_00000