"A whole new way of capturing wildlife with your Bushnell Trail Cam"

Fits Bushnell Trail Cam Models: 119466, 119467, 119476, 119477

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"The Bushnell ‘Add-on’ Close-up Kit fits onto your existing trail cam without affecting its normal functionality. Whereas the normal focal length of the trail cam is around 3m, this kit allows you to vary the focal distance using a series of close-up lenses that fit into an aluminium housing. Easy to fit, this unique kit turns your trail cam into a totally new, exciting piece of kit for close-up remote wildlife captures.

This kit has been designed by me and I have been trialling it for the last year. Fine tuning it in the field has meant that I have managed to capture unique close-up footage .. a testament to its capabilities.

Normally, the trail cam is set about 3m from the subject to ensure it is in focus. Small subjects then appear very small in the frame. My close-up kit allows you to place the trail cam as close as 25cm from the subject, allowing almost full-frame captures of small birds and mammals."

Set at its normal focal length, the Bushnell Trail Cam captures a blackbird visiting my Fern Pool, but the bird is small in the frame.

The trail cams were designed to be used in open areas, at a distance, but my desire to have something that would capture smaller birds and animals meant I started experimenting and that has led to the development of this kit.

I stil wanted to use the Bushnell in the normal way, so wanted something I could simply add on... or take off.....


The close-up kit allows you to easily change the focal length of the lens, meaning you can capture footage less than a metre from the action. The different lenses give you different focal lengths. These images are screen captures from a series of videos I captured at different distances from the pool.

Gtit & bluetit
Bushnell nuthatch 2
Nuthatch drink2_2

Set up on my tripod in front of this feeder I made out of a ladle, this footage was captured using the Bushnell 2012 HD MAX (119477) and my close-up kit.

Wanting to find out what was using my nesting dispenser, I set Bushnell 2012 HD MAX (119477) up with the close-up kit to monitor the visitors.

This kit is great if you want to capture footage of species visiting your feeders. Set up on this fat bar, I was hoping to capture footage of the long tailed tits.... I was not diappointed and this remains to be one of my favourite captures with the close-up kit!

This footage was taken at my artificial pool at the closest focal length. It was sunny with quite a lot of reflection from the water too, but I think these clips show the true capabilities of this kit combined with the Bushnell HD 2012 trail cam.
(119437, 119467 and 119477)

These units are hand-made to order. Initially, I have a number of units for sale in my shop at £75.


"Turn your Bushnell Trail Cam into a whole different beast for the ultimate in close-up remote wildlife captures"

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Other video clips using this kit can be seen in my YouTube Playlist.....

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