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Bushnell UK Ambassador

I use Bushnell Trail Cams extensively in my work at home,  at Yew View, at the school I teach at.. and just about everywhere I go!


Trail cameras have revolutionised the way we can monitor wildlife without disturbing it and these fantastic bits of kit are being increasingly used for research projects, as well as by enthusiastic wildlife individuals. Using a passive infra-red sensor, the unit detects a creature moving past and then takes photos or video, which is saved onto an SD card. The unit runs on AA batteries and is weatherproof, meaning it can be left outside in almost any location, to monitor the wildlife that is passing.


I also use a range of other Bushnell products in my work including binoculars and night vision units, which can record footage in compete darkness.


My role as the UK Bushnell Ambassador involves me using the products, trail cameras in particular, and pushing them to their limits to showcase what they are capable of.  I am also invoved in the development of the products and regularly trial new kit and help inform future developments.

I offer advice and training to individuals and to organisations.


If you are part of a Wildlife Trust or organisation looking to purchase Bushnell trail cams for your work, please contact me. I work directly with Bushnell and can often secure good deals on multiple purchases.




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Working with Andy Whitworth ...

Andy and I met several years ago, through our passion for capturing wildlife using Bushnell trail cams. Andy is a conservation biologist, who uses Bushnells extensively in his research. He has spent the last 7 years working in the tropical rainforests of Equador and Peru in South America. Andy will be showcasing his work both on this site and as a guest blogger on my WildlifeKate Blog. One day, I will join him in the tropics... until then, I will have to settle for sharing his wonderful footage back here in the UK!



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