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Blackbird Nest Cam

More about this nest....

I noticed this blackbird entering the honeysuckle next to my greenhouse. On closer examination, I found a nest with 3 eggs. Mounting a camera on a tripod, I moved it a little closer each time she got off until she was in view. It is quite low and in quite an open position, so I am a little concerned about predation, but we'll have to wait and see. There are 2 chicks in the nest and they are doing well... fingers crossed for the success of this little family!

After seeing blackbirds disappearing inside the honeysuckle next to my pond, I went to have a peek. I was surprised to find a nest with 3  beautiful eggs! I mounted a camera onto a tripod and, everytime she left the nest, I moved it a little closer.


I have filmed a few blackbird nests in my hedgerow in the past and all have been predated by corvids. I am hoping this nest is more successful!


There are two chicks in the nest that are doing well... fingers crossed!

This Flickr Slideshow shows some highlights from this nest

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March 23rd_Settling on 3 eggs IMG_1975